Urban Legends, Conspiracy Theories, Rumors, and B.S.

Everyone loves a good urban legend, but the question remains: why do so many people actually believe them? I guess it’s for the same reason that late night TV is crowded with infomercials–people are gullible.

A lot of urban legends are harmless; like Bigfoot or the “ghost” in 3 Men and a Baby. The latter one has been proven to be wrong any number of times, yet some people won’t let it go.

Then there are conspiracy theories which usually involve the government. There are a ton of them involving the assassination of President John Kennedy, and some of them actually make sense. The thing is, in all probability, he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald–sometimes it’s just that simple. Yes, we don’t exactly know all the details surrounding the build up and we probably never will since Jack Ruby took it upon himself to shoot Oswald during the prison transfer a few days later.

There are some who say that it was impossible for Oswald to make that shot with that particular rifle, well… sometimes impossible things happen. If someone somehow some way survives a plane crash or natural disaster we call it a miracle, divine intervention, or we chalk it up to luck, so why are so many people unwilling to believe that Oswald did what he is purported to have done?

Then there are those who still believe that man never walked on the surface of the Moon. A lot of those same people think that TV wrestling is real. I once heard someone say that there is no way that they could have brought rocks back from the Moon since everyone knows that there are no rocks on the Moon. Da fuh? Whatever logic was used to form that statement feel into a black hole.

Then there are all the stories about life on other planets. Some would argue that you are arrogant if you think that there is no intelligent life out there, yet if you claim that you have seen flying saucers or little green men you are an attention seeker and/or you need to be on medication. Sometimes you just cannot win either way.

We are all aware of rumors regarding people. Maybe at some point you were the victim, maybe you helped spread them about others, or maybe even yourself. Until the invention of the Internet if you lucky the rumor never left your school or community.

Rumors about celebrities have been a cottage industry since we have had famous people. At some point someone has has said to you, “Hey! Did you here about_______?” And you can fill in the blank with Rod Stewart or Richard Gere, or whomever. No matter how many times these rumors have been proven wrong or flat out impossible some of you out there just won’t let it go.

And of course there are rumors about peoples sexual preference, and by this point I really shouldn’t have to say that it makes no difference one way or another. It’s that to some people calling another person “Gay,” is the ultimate insult. Homophobia, much like racism, will never truly be eradicated from our culture; sad to say.

Rumors have been flying around for years that Tom Cruise is gay, yet it has never been proven. Still some people just won’t let it go. I really don’t care if he is or not. I like a lot of his movies and I won’t stop watching them if he came out tomorrow.

Yet another story came out, no pun intended, about NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. The fact that so many people bought into says a lot. A little investiagtion into the source would have proven that the story was pure b.s. There was also a similar story about Tony Romo and Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys. Not to mention a story about Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots finding naked pics of Tom Brady while he was searching for his missing ham sandwich. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what is the truth, you just have to check your source. It’s that simple.

The really sad thing is that so many people want this Gordon rumor to be true, that they will believe anything no matter how easily disproven it is. This whole thing was started in 1993 by Dale Earnhardt when he asked Gordon if he was gay because he never saw him with a girlfriend. Seriously!?! You never see me with a girl but that’s by choice–their choice.

These homophobes are too blinded by hatred to realize is that if Gordon is actually gay that means that one of the greatest drivers of all time is homosexual. Wrap your brains around that nugget. Gordon has won more races, but fewer championships, than Earnhardt, and he did it without a Freddie Mercury mustache.


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