Constantine (The Movie)

So… I finally got around to watching Constantine. Some of you ar asking, “Why?” While others are asking, “WHY!?!” Well… The short answer is it was five bucks. And it was on blu-ray. I know that may be the lamest answer in the history of all mankind, but it is true.

Plus, I was curious. I wondered exactly how bad it was. I know that it doesn’t get brought up as often as Daredevil or Green Lantern when it comes to bad comic book films, and I wonder if it is because there were somewhat lower expectations since John Constantine is not as well known. Yes, he is a beloved character, but how many people actually knew Constantine was based on a comic book series?

Having said that…

I don’t hate the movie.

Yes, it is not at all representitive of the comic. No, Keanu Reeves is no one’s idea of John Constantine. But, at the end of the day I still kind of like it.

It is possible that I would like it better if I had no knowledge of the comic. They did assemble a very good cast. If I told you that there was a movie with Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Tilda Swinton, Djimon Hounsou, Pruitt Taylor Vince, and Peter Stormare in the cast I am sure that a lot of you would be interested… That is until I told you the title.

I look at it this way: as a movie that involves angels, demons, Heaven, and Hell it is not a bad film. Compare it to some other films that contain many of those elements and I think it holds up as well if not better. Where it fails is as a Constantine movie. If the character names had been changed and this was a generic supernatural film it probably wouldn’t have done any better at the box office, but I think that it would have a small but loyal following.

And now, almost a decade later, Constantine is coming to the small screen. This time they hired a Welshman, Matt Ryan, to play the title character. At least Wales is Liverpool adjacent. Well, the Northern part of Wales is. You can get there by ferry.

Hopefully the series will be closer to the Constantine we know and love. Then again some say that since Constantine has moved from Vertigo to DC it’s just not the same.


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