One and Done Films

The other day I was talking with a a friend and the subject of films that we never want see again came up. These aren’t movies that we hate, it’s just that for whatever reason we just cannot take that ride again. Requiem for a Dream came up; it’s a film that I have not seen and I don’t know if I am emotionally mature enough to withstand. Then again the same could be said about a lot of Darren Aronofsky films, which makes me all the more curious about Noah.

The Accused is on my list. It is a very good film but the rape scene took me out of the film. I understand that the film was based on a true story, but did the filmmakers really have to include the depiction? Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that makes a far bigger impact.

Speaking of Jodie Foster, I have only watched Silence of the Lambs once. That is unless you count commentary tracks. It isn’t the violence I objected to, it’s just that I thought that it was a bit overrated. Yes, I know I just commited heresy, but it’s how I honestly feel. I like the movie, it’s just that I think the critics and reviewers went way overboard with the praise. I didn’t think that Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of Hannibal Lecter was all that creepy. That is unless your definition of creepy includes somewhat over the top portrayals of the sort seen in B movies of yesteryear. Having said that, of all the films on the list this is the one I am most likely to rewatch.

I saw Eyes Wide Shut mostly out of curiousity–I wanted to see if it was as bad as everyone said. It seemed at the time that critics were being overly harsh only because Stanley Kubrick had recently died. Instead of not speaking ill of the dead it felt to me like everyone was competing to see who could say the unkindest things.

After seeing Eye Wide Shut for myself I could understand the disappointment. It wasn’t a bad film, it just wasn’t Kubrick’s best work. I also thought that it tried to be a bit too clever for its own good. If the last line of the movie was the first it would have saved us all about two and a half hours.

A far better Kubrick film that I haven’t seen since it was in theatres is Full Metal Jacket. It is definately a movie that has stuck with me. While I am on the subject of films about Vietnam, Platoon is also on my list. Maybe someday I will have a double feature. Somehow I doubt it.

Another Oliver Stone film on the list is Natural Born Killers. While I am a Stone fan, I saw this mainly because the story is by Quentin Tarantino. I’ll say no more.

About a decade or so ago I was in Atlanta and struck up a conversation with some random Irish guy. When I told him where I was from he said that he had passed through there a number of times on his way to the Chatuge River to go white water rafting. Of course I had to ask if he knew that is where Deliverance was filmed.

I would say that he turned white, but since he was Irish he became translucent. That is the impact that Deliverance has on the male of the species. I made the unfortunate mistake of seeing this film way back when I was young and it scared the hell out of me. I am at Pucker Factor Zulu just typing this.

I was talking to another friend last week and he expresed his love for this film. Yes, it is a great film but I wouldn’t put it on a Burt Reynolds playlist with Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run.

Oh by the way, Deliverance is not a documentary.


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