Gilmore Girls “The Incredible Sinking Lorelais”

a.k.a. “The one where everybody snaps.”

But first, a bit of background.

Last year my friend started buying Gilmore Girls on DVD and she asked if I would like to borrow them. I said, “Sure,” because I have read many good things about the series, but had never seen any episodes. I later found out that neither had my friend. In fact she hadn’t even watched the DVDs before letting me borrow them. So, in a sense, I was to be a guinea pig.

Yay, me?

The thing is, I absolutely love this show! Part of me wishes that I had watched it back in the day. It is one of the few shows that I will “binge watch,” but I usually try to limit my intake to two episodes per day. Sometimes four. Never more than six.

At this point I have finished season four and I hope to start five next week. The plan was for me to write an overview after I had completed all seven seasons, but this episode from the fourth season really stood out, and it merits special attention.

This is where the spoilers start.

“The Incredible Sinking Lorelais” starts out well enough: the Draonfly Inn gets its first reservation. The grand opening date has been set, but construction is far from complete.

A kitchen sink has been ordered and Sookie volunteers to be there when it arrives so she can make sure it is the correct one–chefs can be picky. When it is delivered Sookie is nowhere to be found, so the contractor calls Lorelai who is at the salon for the first time in like forever. Lorelai calls Sookie and gets the answering machine which has a greeting that goes on and on. And on. It even features an appearance by Sookie and Jackson’s infant son–those are the worst. When Lorelai finally gets in touch with Sookie they have a bit of an arguement about the sink situation. Then Sookie finds out that Lorelai hasn’t been paying the contractor because she is running low on funds.

You just know that things aren’t going to get any better.

Lorelai has to go to her parents house for lunch because her grandmother, also named Lorelai, but whom her (Lorelai the elder’s) son Richard refers to as “Trix,” is in town.

Such fun, such fun.

At lunch, Trix states that she can tell that Lorelai is having money problems. She then proceeds to tell the story about the time Richard borrowed money from her.

And now it’s Richard’s turn to snap. He admits that he borrowed money from his mother, but he paid her back a few months later, and that she should stop holding it against him.

Lorelai had planned on taking Luke out to dinner that evening so she could ask to borrow $30,000 so she could complete construction on the inn, but she was so upset by her crappy day that she just ends up crying on his shoulder. Who knew that Luke had $30,000 just lying around? Then again, it’s not like he spends a lot on… well, anything.

Rory isn’t having the best of days either. Paris is upset that the boyfriend of their roommate Janet is leaving dents where he sits, even though Janet is not the one who is dating a guy who is getting on a bit. Paris then mentions that she and the other two roommates think it’s a bit weird that Rory’s friend, Lane, is crashing in the dorm room.

A bit later, Rory the visits a professor on the pretense that she wants to ask a question, when she really wants to know her test score. He sees through the ruse and informs her that she she recieved a D.

The professor goes on to tell Rory that she should drop the class because she is overworking herself. Rory feels like a failure because she has always been able to handle all her classwork. Then there is the fact that she thinks she is letting her grandfather down since he had a similar schedule his freshman year.

Rory tries to call Lorelai, and vice versa, on multiple occasions, but they keep missing each other. Their conversations are one sided–just voices on an answering machine, neither one knowing that the other is not doing so well.

Rory goes to the inn, but Lorelai isn’t there… But her ex boyfriend, Dean, is. That is a good thing, because Rory needs a shoulder to cry on.

Or is it a good thing?

If you have been paying attention to the season thus far, you would have noticed that things were bubbling under the surface. Cracks were begining to form, and in this is episode they became visible. Little did we know what was in store for the rest of the season.


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