Torchwood “Out of Time”

When I started rewatching Torchwood there were a number of episodes I was looking forward to. If I had to make a list of favorites and a list of best “Out of Time” would have been on both.

As it turns out there were a few things I had forgotten about this episode. Some were minor details, some were far more important. Life is a bit like that sometimes: we remember what happened, but not the circumstances surrounding it. We may forget the date or time. Maybe we get colors wrong. However, sometimes the details are unimportant.

“Out of Time” starts with Team Torchwood standing by a runway waiting for a plane to land. This is no ordinary plane however. This plane took off from England in 1953, but for the pilot and passengers the trip has only been thirty minutes in duration.

The plane had been reported missing, and apparently was lost at sea, but no wreckage was ever recovered. Yet here it is, just over fifty years later, making a landing in Cardiff.

Everyone on board was more than a bit shocked to realize what had just occured. When the plane departed they had no clue that they would soon have to get used to the fact that they were in a totally different world. A world that we take for granted. A world of massive supermarkets, DVDs, different atitudes about sex, and bananas.

Those last two are unrelated.

One passenger was a young woman named Emma. She has her eyes opened to a whole new world for women. To be fair, some things have not changed a whole lot.

She learns about modern fashion and makeup. She has her first drink and her first night out at a club. Her story ends when she gets a job in London working in fashion.

To be honest I had completely forgotten about Emma. I don’t know why, maybe it was because the other storylines had far more impact.

The other passenger was John who was flying to Dublin on business. Captain Jack had hoped to maybe find John a job in a cornershop or something similar. John and Jack struck up an almost immediate relationship because they were both men out of their time.

John has a son named Alan and they were supporters of Blackpool Football Club. John loved to tell the story of the day they watched Blackpool win the FA Cup–trust me, it’s a big deal.

John becomes obsessed with the idea of finding his son, and I cannot blame him one bit. When John finally tracks down Alan he finds him living in a care home, and to make matters worse, Alan has Alzheimer’s.

I cannot imagine the pain that John must have felt. You leave home and your son is a typical young boy, and when you see him a few days later, to John anyway, he is not only older than than you, he cannot even remember you. It’s no wonder that John wanted to take his own life.

I remembered this part, but I didn’t remember the details. And I completely forgot that Jack was by his side. This may not be the most shocking Torchwood moment, but it is one of the saddest.

This only leaves the pilot, Diane. For a woman from the 1950s she was ahead of her time. She flew solo from England to Australia in four days, which was quite a feat at the time. Her attitudes toward sex were also a bit more “modern.” It’s no wonder Owen fell in love with her.

And to be honest, so did I.

However, Diane isn’t really the kind of woman to sit still for very long, because flying is in her blood. The way Owen feels about Diane is the same way she feels about being in the air.

We saw a new side to Owen. For once he let his guard down–he wasn’t his usual cocky self. I, for one, think that is a good thing.


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