The Beatles

I miss record stores. No, this is not going to be yet another old fart post about “the good old days.” The reason I miss record stores, today anyway, is because of the conversations, debates, and flat out arguements that would occasionally occur.

For example: if you wanted to start an arguement in a record store, just walk over to a spot where you’re most likely to be heard and exclaim, “Paul is my favorite Beatle!” Oh the looks you’ll get.

Most people will say that the only correct answer is John Lennon. They’re not wrong. If you had said George Harrison was your favorite, people would probably look at you for a second, give you a respectful nod, and then carry on with their browsing. People like George, and a lot of them will say that he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. However, if you proclaim your love for Ringo Starr, people will slowly back away from you, and rightfully so.

The thing is I was born too late for the Beatles. When I first aware or their existence they had started their solo careers. I liked Paul McCartney and Wings; yeah I said it. I thought they had some great songs, especially “Live and Let Die.” You cannot deny the awesomeness of that song. The movie on the other hand…

I just couldn’t crack the code on John’s solo stuff. Not until the Double Fantasy album anyway. I remember the day John died like it was yesterday. Well, to be honest, the day after he died.

December 9,1980 was a sad day indeed. I remember going into Social Studies for 5th period; the teacher had a record player and we listened to the Beatles the entire time we were in there. He also passed around a book about the band. I remember it included the famous photograph of John and Yoko… Naked. To this day I still find that photo fascinating, and more than a bit sad, because of the memory I have attached to it.

As I got a bit older I finally figured out what everyone saw in John as a solo artist. I guess with teenage angst comes understanding.

It was pretty much the same way with George. “Here Comes the Sun” is an amazing song, and I love “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” but when I was much younger I mostly liked it for Eric Clapton’s guitar work. Then there was George’s solo song “Faster Than a Bullet” written in memory of the late Formula 1 driver Ronnie Peterson, but other than that George really didn’t do it for me.

That was until the Cloud 9 album, and in particular “I Got My Mind Set on You.” After that I was all in. I also love “Cheer Down” from the Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack. Why exactly he would do a song for a Lethal Weapon movie still escapes me, but I’m glad he did. I was also a big fan of the Traveling Wilburys. Then there was the live album he recorded in Japan with Eric Clapton. I wish George could have found it within himself to tour more.

As for Ringo? I like “Yellow Submarine,” “Don’t Pass Me By,” “A Little Help from my Friends,” and “Act Naturally.” And he seems like a nice guy.


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