Most Of Them Are Mad: The Eagles part 3

Prior to The History of the Eagles the best rock documentary was probably the Motley Crue episode of Behind The Music. However, that was only the appitizer for those who read their biography; The Dirt.

The Motley Crue story has almost everything that makes for a great episode of Behind The Music. I say “almost” because no one went broke. However, Nikki Sixx did die for like a minute. Died, I tell you! He’s okay now. He shook it off and went straight . . . Back to the smack.

Can you even imagine how much more awesome The History of the Eagles would have been had one of the members, say Joe Walsh, had died and then came back to life? The film would win every award possible and then some. Even an ESPY.

I wonder if Joe Walsh knew what he was getting into when he joined the Eagles. Don Henley and Glenn Frey can be great guys when they want to be. However, by this point it was patently obvious that their relationship was beginning to fracture.

Most people say that a band cannot be a democracy; it has to be a dictatorship. The ones who say that are usually the dictator.

The Eagles were a duel dictatorship with Glenn Frey as bad cop and Don Henley as bad cop who doesn’t say much, so that way people think that he is the good cop. You always have to watch out for the quiet ones.

It seems to me, looking from the outside, that Henley was the real leader but he didn’t want to deal with the crap that goes along with it. And like any good leader he delegated the job of mouthpiece to Frey who was more than willing to accept it.

I don’t really think that Glenn Frey is all bad. Having said that, I wouldn’t want to piss him off. He can be quite vengeful but he is creative in his vengence, I’ll give him that.

Randy Meisner was the bass player and lead singer on “Take It to the Limit.” That song was a highlight of the first or second encore, the third encore is another story.

After so many years of singing his one song Meisner started getting tired of it. I don’t know which is worse; having only one song, or having a bunch of songs but people only want to hear the one.

Of course this pissed off Glenn Frey to no end. Frey was like; “I’m sick and tired of ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ and ‘Take It Easy’ but I sing them every night because fans have waited years to see us and this may be their only chance!” Or words to that effect.

Glenn Frey has a very valid point. However, Randy Meisner didn’t see it that way and he parted ways with the Eagles. This is where the vengence comes in.

His replacement was Timothy B Schmidt, who was the guy who replaced Meisner in Poco. That. Is. Cold. And clever. If that doesn’t define “eff you” nothing does. It’s a bit like firing Charlie Sheen from Anger Management and replacing him with Ashton Kutcher. Just a little bit.

As a band becoming known for replacing members who would have thought that the acrimonious departure of Don Felder would be the final straw for the Eagles as a band. To make things odd he left after a blowup with Glenn Frey at a fundraising concert for California Senator Alan Cranston. Only the Eagles. That in and of itself almost makes This Is Spinal Tap irrelevant.


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