Passengers (Spoiler Discussion)

It’s hard to talk about Passengers without bringing up the tree on the deck. Most of you know what I am refering to, because it was in many of the reviews, and some didn’t consider it a spoiler. What I am talking about is that it was Jim (Chris Pratt) that woke up Aurora, (Jennifer […]

Star Wars: Rebels “The Mystery of Chopper Base”

It’s not easy being the penultimate episode of the season. Viewers often look past it in anticipation of the finale. Some complained that the previous episode of Rebels–“The Forgotten Droid”–was comedic filler that should have aired during the first half of the season. I can see their point, but it’s also nice to have a […]

Passengers (A Sort of Review)

Who goes to see Passengers? The theatre was somewhat crowded for a Sunday at noon. One member of the audience was wearing a Reagan – Bush ’84 T-shirt; which is a fashion choice. I guess. I don’t like speculating anyone’s age, but this guy appeared to have been born around the time George W. Bush […]

Rogue One (novel)

I actually bought the Rogue One novel before I saw the movie. But it’s okay, the bookstore is on the way to the theatre. And no, I didn’t peek. Unlike the novelization of The Force Awakens, there are no added scenes in Rogue One. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth reading. Alexander Freed, […]

Star Wars: Rebels “Shroud of Darkness”

When I find myself in times of trouble, Master Yoda comes to me speaking words of wisdom, “Be, let it. Be, let it.” That’s not what happened in “Shroud of Darkness,” but it could have been. It seems that everywhere Kanan and Ezra go, the Inquisitors are sure to follow. Or maybe they beat them […]