Doctor Who “Spearhead from Space”

Introducing a new Doctor is a hit or miss proposition. For every “Rose” or “The Eleventh Hour” you get a “Twin Dilemma” or “Time and the Rani.” I apologize for putting those thoughts in your head. I haven’t checked lately, but I’m sure “Spearhead from Space” is in the top half of the best/favorite classic […]

Classic Doctor Who: Series 7

1970 represented a time of massive change for Doctor Who. In 1969… ish, the Time Lords got fed up with the Doctor (Patrick Troughton) refusing to heed to their policy of noninterference, so they forced him to regenerate, (into Jon Pertwee) then exiled him to Earth. Then they futzed with the TARDIS so he couldn’t […]

Jane Eyre (2011 film)

I hate people. You watch (or read) Jane Eyre today, and you think about how far we have come. But have we? Really? People have evolved, but so have the ways one can be cruel to another. You know the world is upsidedown when a simple act of kindness can make me cry more than […]

Star Wars: Aftermath – Empire’s End

Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig is a satisfying conclusion to the Star Wars: Aftermath series. It works both as a postscript to the original trilogy, and as a setup (dare I say “prequel”) to The Force Awakens. It also makes for a nice companion piece to Lost Stars and Bloodline. And like Bloodline, Empire’s End […]


Looking back a decade and a half,who would have thought that X-Men would lead to Logan? Not me. Deadpool showed that a comic book movie doesn’t need a huge budget to be successful; but we all knew that. Logan is not film could be described as a CGI spectacle. CG is present, but it was […]

The Lego Batman Movie

Three years ago, The Lego Movie came as a surprise to those who thought only Pixar and Disney were capable of making quality animated films; or that animated films have to be sadder than a clown funeral. The Lego Movie not receiving an Academy Award nomination is one of the greatest injustices in Oscars history. […]