Looking back a decade and a half,who would have thought that X-Men would lead to Logan? Not me. Deadpool showed that a comic book movie doesn’t need a huge budget to be successful; but we all knew that. Logan is not film could be described as a CGI spectacle. CG is present, but it was […]

The Lego Batman Movie

Three years ago, The Lego Movie came as a surprise to those who thought only Pixar and Disney were capable of making quality animated films; or that animated films have to be sadder than a clown funeral. The Lego Movie not receiving an Academy Award nomination is one of the greatest injustices in Oscars history. […]

Typical, Typical Arsenal

There is a Facebook post from ESPNFC.com that describes Arsenal as the definition of over-rated. Well… Tell me who was dumb enough to rate them in the first place? Yeah, they won their group in Champions League this season, but group success is no guarantee of future results. It seems like every time the Gunners […]

Small Island (miniseries)

If you run across a copy of the Small Island DVD at Barnes & Noble, Target, etc., you’ll notice that Ruth Wilson and Benedict Cumberbatch feature prominently on the cardboard sleeve; David Oyelowo and Naomie Harris? Not so much. This is more than a bit misleading. It’s not as egregious as a trailer that contains […]

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Is Crazy, Stupid, Love a romantic comedy? I guess so. I like rom-coms, but I had never seen this movie until recently. I’ve had the DVD for a while, but I kept putting off watching it for one reason or another. I finally got around to it after seeing La La Land, and I enjoyed […]


Arrival, directed by Denis Villeneuve, is a science fiction film of the thoughtful variety. Bring along your brain, and your noticing face. You’ll need them. Amy Adams plays Louise Banks, a linguist recruited by the government to attempt communication with aliens who are in a ship that’s hovering over a field in Montana. Why Montana? […]